Trinidad & Tobago Bible College is located in D’Abadie, Trinidad. The President, Ramzan Hosein is also Pastor of Grace Bible Church, which operates out of the same building. Students attend the school from all over Trinidad and Tobago. Saved in 1972, Ramzan immediately engaged in street preaching and in the organization of evangelistic teams in order take the Gospel to Trinidad. Soon it became evident as a result of his preaching and lifestyle that God had called him to the full-tme Gospel Ministry. For nearly two decades he pastored in the West Indies. In 1992 he went to the United States to pursue Post Graduate Degrees. While in the states, God continued to burden his heart for his native country. Clearly, what Trinidad and the entire West Indies needed was, a viable source of Biblically grounded theological education. A school where pastors and lay-persons alike could acquire such an education and a passion for Christ at the same time was the answer. Trinidad & Tobago Bible College is the culmination of the burden God placed upon Ramzan’s heart so long ago. WORLDMISSION has come alongside of Ramzan’s Ministry and for four years has worked hand in hand with him. He, his wife Jennifer and their daughter Cherisse are some of our dearest friends. Bob and Ramzan are on each others Board’s and are close as Brothers. Each time Ramzan and Jennifer come to the states we set up meetings with pastors who can partner with them for ministry. The reason we respect Ramzan so much is because his entire ministry is totally by faith, with no denominational financial support at all. All of his support comes from individual churches and lay-people. His is the only Reformed Bible College in the Caribbean and he also is reaching the islands with His radio ministry, Table Talk. Would you please consider supporting His ministry or sending a mission team to minister to his people. The building in the picture to the right is to house Mission Teams and needs to be completed. Would you consider making a donation, or bringing a work team to help in this project.


For donations please send your check to Ramzan Hosein Account, First Baptist Church, Marydel, Md. Also you can make a donation to our PayPal Account on our website. Ramzan’s email is; rajer1978@yahoo.com





Tim and Renee Cummings, with their four children Maria (6), Elisabeth (4), Jude (2), and Anna (10 weeks), have been asked to go to Trinidad, where Tim plans to labor alongside Pastor Ramzan Hosein in the work of Trinidad and Tobago Bible College.  Tim and Renee have been married for seven years, and after much prayer and thought, have decided to take this step in dependence on the Lord. Being Vice President of the WICM Board, Bob Phillips will be working alongside of Ramzan & Jennifer. First Baptist, Marydel, where Bob pastors is the sponsoring church for the Hosein’s ministries. Therefore WORLDMISSION will be the missionary organization that will be receiving and dispersing the financial donations that will be received by Tim and Renee. If you want to support Tim and Renee’s ministry you may do so through the Pay Pal Account set up on this page. Tim will also be assisting WORLDMISSION’S Ministry in Belize from time to time as well. If you wish to give to the Cumming’s Ministry by writing a check please make your check out to First Baptist Church, Marydel, Worldmission Account, for Tim Cummings. 

Tim and Renee met in their youth, and their relationship developed while they both majored in Interdisciplinary Studies, and focused on developing a view of the world where all their thinking was subject to the Word of God.  While Renee had been converted as a teenager, Tim was changed by the Holy Spirit in his sophomore year of college, after a period of deep depression.  In his senior year, Tim wrote a paper entitled “A Covenantal Approach to Higher Education.”  His interest in college education done biblically dates to his college days. 

After college, Tim taught at at a School in Bellmawr, NJ, for 4½ years, where he developed an interest in teaching history from a biblical perspective.  He has trained for church ministry in several churches in the States, and received his M.Div. degree from Greenville Seminary in South Carolina.  He is pursuing a Th.M. degree from the same seminary, and has written a thesis for the purpose on the sufficiency of Scripture for academic subjects at the college level. 

Renee met Jennifer Hosein while Renee was a teenager at French Creek Bible Conference, and Tim met Ramzan while Ramzan was an intern at a Church in Pole Tavern, New Jersey.  About 1½ years ago Josh Biondi, a friend of Tim’s at Calvary  Church in Wildwood, New Jersey, expressed interest in taking a short-term missions trip, possibly somewhere in the Caribbean.  Tim contacted Ramzan about this, and Ramzan ended up inviting Tim to come down to teach a modular, two-week course in Apologetics.  During this time, the Lord impressed on Tim a strong desire to continue to assist with the work of Trinidad and Tobago Bible College.  Tim and Renee discussed and prayed for months about the opportunity of moving to Trinidad to assist in this work, and concluded that they would pursue this opportunity of fulfilling the Great Commission.  Tim has since traveled to Trinidad to teach another course on medieval church history.  He has been asked by the board of TTBC to come and assist with the work of administration, networking, and teaching in this young institution. 

Tim and Renee’s plan is to leave for Trinidad in two years, and they intend to raise funds for the first three years of their work in Trinidad.  The total amount they have been advised to attempt to raise would amount to 72 commitments to give $30.00 per month for five years (two years of waiting and three in Trinidad). 

There are many opportunities to advance the kingdom of God through giving.  Talk to God about the matter, and then give to the specific work, and give the specific amount as you purpose in your heart, cheerfully.  “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work” (II Corinthians 9:7-8, NKJV). You can donate directly to Tim by clicking on the Donate button below.








WORLDMISSION has taken three trips to Trinidad. The first trip Bob was invited to preach for the Trinidad and Tobago Bible College commencement service. Bob was invited back to speak at an Evangelism Conference along with Pastor Bob Good of Harrington, De. We sent a team of ten on a mission trip to Trinidad. Loretta , a team member, sang and Bob preached at a church on Trinidad. The church met in a tent and it was so hot the service was held at 7 am. We also had young people on the team, who participated in several ministries.


We visited Tobago where we witnessed to many people in various situations. Jennifer spent time witnessing to a Rainforest Guide. Loretta was asked to sing one night at an outdoor restaurant by a steel drum player. He came by the house we were renting the next day to talk about the Lord. We stayed in a large rental house on the ocean a couple of nights and Ramzan witnessed to a couple of Jehovah Witnesses who came by the house. We took several young people on the trip and they performed ministry as well.


There was one sweet lady who was in her 80’s who had graduated from the Trinidad & Tobago Bible College. She also played the organ in the church. She was an inspiration. Also there were a couple of people who played the steel drums in our services. The drums added so much to the music services. God is richly blessing the ministry of Ramzan and Jennifer in Trinidad & Tobago. Pleas lift them up in your prayers.